Why the Gulf Oil Spill Should Embarrass Us All

For less than $100 a month I can get a device (often for free) that allows me to instantly talk to anyone I choose and browse the internet. Wirelessly. All day long. Add to that another one time purchase of $20 and I can put an even smaller device in my ear that connects to the first device and allows me to talk and listen hands free, while I work.

We have another device where all we have to do is pop in frozen food and in minutes, minutes, that food is piping hot and ready to eat. We have airplanes, space stations, Large Hadron Colliders, lasers, cloning, we have all this yet we have no way to clean up an oil spill?

We should be ashamed that we have no way to clean up this oil spill.

For centuries we humans have been focused on the betterment of our society through technology, we have been depended on oil for at least a 100 years now. There have been countless oil spills throughout out history, and yet we have only come up with two solutions: absorbent barriers (oil diapers) and fire.

I am no scientist, but I know that is not the best we can do. Perhaps we should ask James Dyson to figure out a better way for us? More importantly we should ask people to start caring about finding a better way to clean up our messes.

So while you sit back and read this on your iPad, wirelessly, while commuting on light rail to and from work, stop and think. Are we as a society focused on solving the wrong problems? Is the lack of multi-tasking on the iPhone a bigger problem than cleaning up, or preventing future oil spills?

Originally posted for members on: April 30, 2010
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