AT&T's Insane International Data Rates for the iPad

When I traveled to Japan a few years ago we took an AT&T data card with us and enabled the international plan. The fees were horrendous and almost made it cheaper to lose business than to pay AT&T to stay connected.

Now with the iPad AT&T is charging $200 a month for a lowly 200mb of data. That is absurd.

Especially considering this tidbit from John Brownlee:

What’s most absurd is that since the iPad is sold unlocked, you should be able to just travel abroad, pick up a 3G micro SIM from a local carrier and use their iPad 3G at local rates without a contract. Who is AT&T trying to fool here?

That would seem logical, and if you have tried this please be sure to write and let me know if it works.

Originally posted for members on: May 4, 2010
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