Why Do Banks Insist Upon Internet Explorer?

I was just informed by a friend of mine that he has not been able to login to his online banking with Harborstone Credit Union for all of 2010. The problem is that Webkit was updated and now no longer works with the banks system. He has reported the problem and the bank is more than aware of it, however he was told:

We use a third party company for our online banking, and they have not been able to fix it yet.

Why the hell not? This is not 10 years ago, the Mac is very popular and gaining in popularity. IE’s market share is now below 60% and you don’t support two very popular web browsers? (Safari and Chrome both use Webkit’s engine) If you think for one minute that it is really not that big of a deal then you are an idiot.

Last October I decided it was time to switch banks – I made that decision because the Internet banking at my bank (Rainier Pacific Bank, now Umpqua Bank) was ungodly slow.

So I switched to USAA.com impart because they have a nice iPhone app, and also because I have never heard a complaint about them. They have a phenomenal internet banking service, it is fast and works on everything from my iPhone to Macbook Pro.

It is not a matter of technical hardship, or not being able to do anything about these changes. It is a matter of companies not caring to help their customers.

This day and age you should be looking to support Firefox, Chrome and Safari, then Internet Explorer.

Harborstone, tell your third party company that you want it fixed this week or you are leaving them. Because either you leave your software supplier, or your customers will start leaving you.

Originally posted for members on: May 4, 2010
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