iPhone 4 To Be Delivered Early?

Last night – I along with other pre-orderers – received the following email from Apple:

Dear Apple Store Customer,

You recently received a Shipment Notification email from Apple advising you that your iPhone has shipped.

This email is to confirm that your delivery will occur on June 23rd. Although Apple and FedEx tracking information may currently indicate a later date, you can check the FedEx website the morning of the June 23rd to track your package to your doorstep.

In the event that you will not be available to accept delivery on June 23rd, it may be more convenient to use our pre-sign delivery option by visiting our Order Status website at http://www.apple.com/orderstatus.


The Apple Store Team

When Apple initially sent me tracking info it said it would show up on the 23rd, however this not being my first time with Apple launches I knew that to be false and that it would be here on the 24th. It now says it will be here on the 24th – but Apple is telling everyone we get it a day early. If true I am really happy, however if this is not true then I am confused as to why this email went out.

Originally posted for members on: June 22, 2010
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