My WWDC 2010 Predictions

I am going to throw down my predictions for what Apple will release tomorrow at the WWDC keynote. I have no sources here so these are complete guesses and I may (probably) will look like an ass tomorrow.

iPhone HD / 4G

We already saw some version of it. I think it will have:

  • Front facing camera
  • Higher resolution rear camera w/ LED flash
  • Higher resolution screen
  • Base will be 32gb and upgraded version will be 64gb
  • Longer battery life
  • Better 3g signal reception

iChat Mobile

  • Video chatting on the iPhone
  • Carriers will determine if you can use it on 3G
  • AT&T will say no
  • U.S. will only get Wi-Fi video chats
  • Require new MobileMe subscription (see below)

iPhone 3GS

This will drop to $99 replacing the iPhone 3G.

iPhone OS 4.0

This will be out for iPhones. The iPad developer seeds will be made available for devs and will ship to the public in September.

Safari 5

  • Faster than Chrome
  • More CSS3 and HTML5 support
  • Support for Bing search over Google
  • Auto Flash toggling so that it makes for a more ‘stable’ web browsing experience (think Click2Flash)
  • (long-shot) Ad blocking

New MobileMe

  • Free subscriptions with 1gb storage
  • Required for iChat Mobile
  • Wireless syncing for all
  • Dev access for cloud storage with iPhone apps.

Mac Pro Refresh

Storage & speed bumps only.

Macbook Air Refresh

  • Screen resolution bump
  • Storage bump
  • Speed bump
  • Battery increased

One More Thing: Apple TV

  • Will run iPhone OS 4 TV
  • 16gb and 32gb SSD models
  • Will stream video and audio from new MobileMe service
  • iTunes Store on device
  • MobileMe syncing with computers
  • iPhoto slideshow syncing
  • App Store
Originally posted for members on: June 6, 2010
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