Thoughts on the Impact of Starbucks’ Free Wi-Fi

This Starbucks free Wi-Fi announcement is a lot bigger than most people probably think it is, here are a few unfermented thoughts bouncing around in my head about it:

  • With Wi-Fi being free in 6,700 U.S. stores, and me living and working in the greater Seattle area – do I need a Mi-Fi device any longer?
  • It is about damn time – I mean wake up and smell the coffee already (sorry).
  • Oh I hope hotels follow suit.
  • This is not going to be good for small coffee shops that relied on their free Wi-Fi as a selling point. Time to start making better coffee.
  • They are working with Yahoo to get free paid content for customers for sites like WSJ – amazing.
  • Biongo is going under.
  • I think my iPad wet itself.
  • Starbucks needs to add more seats in its stores.
Originally posted for members on: June 14, 2010
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