What I Got Right / Wrong With My WWDC Predictions

Here is how well I did:

iPhone HD / 4G

Wrong Name

  • Front facing camera – check
  • Higher resolution rear camera w/ LED flash – check
  • Higher resolution screen – check
  • Base will be 32gb and upgraded version will be 64gb – nope
  • Longer battery life – check
  • Better 3g signal reception – pissobly, a new antenna design was made to help this

iChat Mobile

Wrong Name

  • Video chatting on the iPhone – check
  • Carriers will determine if you can use it on 3G- check
  • AT&T will say no – TBD, but we know already
  • U.S. will only get Wi-Fi video chats – check
  • Require new MobileMe subscription (see below) – nope, better yet it is going to be an open standard

iPhone 3GS

This will drop to $99 replacing the iPhone 3G – check

iPhone OS 4.0

This will be out for iPhones – check. The iPad developer seeds will be made available for devs and will ship to the public in September – nope.

Safari 5


  • Faster than Chrome
  • More CSS3 and HTML5 support
  • Support for Bing search over Google
  • Auto Flash toggling so that it makes for a more ‘stable’ web browsing experience (think Click2Flash)
  • (long-shot) Ad blocking

New MobileMe


  • Free subscriptions with 1gb storage
  • Required for iChat Mobile
  • Wireless syncing for all
  • Dev access for cloud storage with iPhone apps.

Mac Pro Refresh


Storage & speed bumps only.

Macbook Air Refresh


  • Screen resolution bump
  • Storage bump
  • Speed bump
  • Battery increased

One More Thing: Apple TV


  • Will run iPhone OS 4 TV
  • 16gb and 32gb SSD models
  • Will stream video and audio from new MobileMe service
  • iTunes Store on device
  • MobileMe syncing with computers
  • iPhoto slideshow syncing
  • App Store

In other words I should stop trying.

Originally posted for members on: June 7, 2010
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