WWDC Announcement: iPhoneOS Renamed: iOS 4

This makes a lot of sense as the iPad running this OS lead to some confusion. iOS 4 however is a silly name (also I am hearing chatter that this name is already owned by Cisco, atleast the iOS part).

We already know a lot about this next version of the iOS so here are the key items:

  • Multitasking
  • Folders for storing groups of apps together (this is going to be very underrated, but really popular)
  • Unified email inbox – finally.
  • Threaded email conversations – yay!
  • Better enterprise integration – this will help Apple out on the biz side tremendously
  • Can now use Google / Yahoo / Bing as search engine, Google stays default
  • iAds looks great and is a great solution for Developers
  • Available on June 21st

There is a lot more, but that is all that was touched on in the Keynote. Launching soon, no date given. (will update with links later)

Originally posted for members on: June 7, 2010
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