Less Stress One Bankers Box at a Time Part II

On Wednesday I stated this:

It is Wednesday, August 25th, and I am tired. I am really tired, I don’t know why, but I am. I have been all over today and just read this great post over at FiftyFootShadows (via Minimal Mac) on minimalism and consumerism. It got me to thinking about a goal I have had for the past year. That goal is to get rid of all the crap I am filling the nooks and crannies of my life, my hope is that in doing this I am less tired.

The problem though is where to start, and when to stop. So I had an idea, to fill one bankers box a week until October, roughly 6 bankers boxes. All that is to go into the boxes are items that can go to Goodwill or be sold online. Any garbage I come across is to be disposed of immediately.

Once full the box is to immediately go to Goodwill or items posted online for sale. My hope is that by doing this in small chunks with a definite timeline I will be less overwhelmed and instead take to the challenge in a new way.

I’ll check back in once I get the box full.

Today (August 28, 2010) I have filled the box and it feels great. It took me about an hour and a garbage bag but the one corner that has always been full of crap is now cleaned and organized. I am also getting rid of quite a bit (to Goodwill) and it feels great. I encourage you to do the same.

Before: IMG_5372 - Version 2.png


IMG_5374 - Version 2.png (I did remove the cat first)

Originally posted for members on: August 28, 2010
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