OmniFocus for iPad (Quick Thoughts)

I was reluctant to buy OmniFocus for the iPad when it came out – I had just switched to Things (for the fourth or fifth time) due to the lack of an iPad app for OmniFocus and have been very happy with Things. Ultimately my curiosity won over and I got OmniFocus for the iPad to use. A couple of quick things before I get to my otherwise quick thoughts: I have been a heavy OmniFocus user since before it was available for purchase and have switched between OmniFocus and Things regularly, the only reason that I have been using Things for the past couple of months is due to the lack of an iPad version of OmniFocus.


  • It is awesome to have over-the-air syncing between devices once again.
  • OmniFocus takes way to long to open.
  • OmniFocus is the best looking Omni app to date.
  • The icon on the iPad is hideous.
  • There is a lot of ‘texture’ being used and I can’t decide if I like it.
  • There is no fake paper look, which is refreshing.
  • The input for a new action is better than the same on Things.
  • I love the forecast view, it is something that task management apps really need.

I will of course be doing a full write up on OmniFocus versus Things in a couple of weeks so look for that here. I am not just going to be looking at the iPad apps, but at the full suite of apps for each.

Originally posted for members on: August 2, 2010
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