Site Updates – Readability

I wanted to give you a brief run down and tips on reading this site. First things first I do two different post types, linked items and articles. The linked items appear in a smaller Helvetica font with an underline on the title, clicking the title will take you to the link. Clicking the word ‘permalink’ below will take you to the page for just that linked post on this site. Articles appear in a larger Georgia font with no underline. Clicking the title or the ‘permalink’ will result in you going to the page for just that article.

I have styled things in this manner to help everyone quickly know which is which, and I hope it is easy enough to figure out.

iPad Users

You all get a special site, the current site is very readable on an iPad, but as of yesterday I have implemented the excellent PadPressed plugin to add a custom theme for iPad users. This gives such users swiping support and inertia scrolling. The styling is all the same as the regular site for links and articles. The main difference is that at the top you are greeted with a sideways scrolling list of the most recent four posts I have done in the ‘perspectives’ category. I call these perspectives because they are my editorial opinion on something.

Please email me if you have any problems.

Originally posted for members on: August 17, 2010
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