“So it’s not an ability thing, just a speed thing?”

That was the question my wife posed to me the other day when I was rambling on about whether or not I should get the new MacBook Air. It was the question (well the answer really) that made me go ahead and place the order. What was being implied was that there really isn’t anything that I do that I would not be able to do on the MacBook Air – rather just some of the things would be a bit slower (a lot slower in some cases). 1

It was one of those questions that opened my eyes and changed my decision process. From that point it was: would I use my computer more if it was lighter and smaller, or if it was bigger and faster? Simple answer, the easier it is to take something with me the more I will use it these days.

I ordered the 13” MacBook Air (2.13GHZ 4GB RAM 256GB SSD) and I ordered the top of the line model not for maximum speed, but for maximum life of the device. 2

  1. Things like FPS would not be a great thing to run on it – I would guess.
  2. I tend to keep computers for about 2 years before replacing them.
Originally posted for members on: October 24, 2010
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