Additional, Additional Thoughts: Do I Become an Air Instead of a Pro?

This has really been bugging me since yesterday when I posted that I was probably going to order a new MacBook Air. Do I really need to give up the horsepower of the MacBook Pro for the mobility of the MacBook Air?

How much of a difference is it?

Will I be happy with a 13” screen instead of a 15” even though they are both 1440×900?

Why do I want the MacBook Air instead of the MacBook Pro?

Ah that last question, that is the only one of the above that I can actually answer. I want to go Air instead of Pro because:

  1. Everyday I carry my MacBook Pro to and from work and the MacBook Pro is heavy.
  2. I rarely do anything more than write and surf the web on the MacBook Pro.
  3. I never take the MacBook Pro anywhere to use it because it is simply too big.

Why am I hesitant to get rid of the Pro for the Air?

  1. I do use InDesign and LightRoom about every other week.
  2. For work I use Parallels and awful lot.

So right now my thinking is this: call around and see if any of the 4 Apple Stores near me have the 13” in the configuration that I want. I would prefer to do this over this weekend than I would mid-week. If they have one go and pick it up, clone my MacBook Pro HD to it and start going. If I don’t like it then I return the MacBook Air to the Apple Store and pay the 10% fee (or see if I can sell it online for less of a fee). If I do like it sell the MacBook Pro.

If I can’t get the MacBook Air in store this weekend, there is a small chance I may say forget it – I don’t know why. That is just how I feel right now.

Originally posted for members on: October 23, 2010
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