Tired of Gruber? Here Are 4 Writers you Should be Reading.

On Twitter the other day Chris Bowler lamented:

Have had the thought lately of unsubscribing from DF. Sacrilege, I know. But my time is sacred, and I don’t care much for business news.

DF of course is Daring Fireball, John Gruber’s site. Gruber is no doubt an excellent writer, but most of the time he posts links to other sites. Lately it feels like a lot of those links revolve around the mobile industry and not just Macs. Which got me to thinking: besides Gruber, who else’s writing do I really enjoy?

I was able to come up with four people right now:

  1. Shawn Blanc: Like Gruber, Blanc posts links. Unlike Gruber these links are only a few a day (if that many) and are really well curated. Blanc’s writing is also truly enjoyable. To get started with him I recommend reading his “Dairy of an iPad Owner” post. It is a review of sorts for the iPad, but it is just a great example of his writing. Blanc has an incredible ability to point out the non-obvious aspects of life while still inspiring me to do or try different things. He is the sole reason that I gave Yojimbo a go in the first place.

  2. Frank Chimero: Chimero has some very insightful and wholly inspirational posts. One of the most powerful blog posts I have ever read is his untitled post on advice to a graphic design student. That post compelled me to email the link to several of my friends and every one of them responded with thanks for sharing it. As far as I am concerned Chimero is a must read.

  3. Patrick Rhone: Rhone posts a lot of links on his Minimal Mac blog, but the guy has tons of “other” blogs as well. One of my favorite Patrick Rhone posts came recently and was titled “Great Expectations” what a great post on our constant struggle with the many communication mediums we have today. Rhone I my constant grounding force for not getting too ahead of myself and taking time to think about the overall picture, he is also a main driving force in my effort to minimalism my life.

  4. MG Siegler: Unlike everyone else on this list Siegler posts often and writes mainly about tech news for the TechCrunch blog. I am not sure what exactly I like so much about Siegler but I read every one of his posts. Perhaps it is that I always find myself nodding in agreement, or the fact that he too is a Knight Rider fan. One post that I loved in particular of his was titled “Android Is As Open As The Clenched Fist Iā€™d Like To Punch The Carriers With” which from the title alone I love it.

Originally posted for members on: October 19, 2010
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