TBR Goodies for Your iPhone

I was a little bored yesterday with the snow slowing down western Washington, so I decided to finally make a new homescreen wallpaper for my iPhone. I made a TBR themed homescreen for my iPad a while back and really like it (not really ready to share that yet, needs a bit more tuning), but I really like the way the iPhone one came out – they are sized for the iPhone 4′s retina display.

The light version looks like this (click the photo to download the background image):

photo 1.PNG

I am clever enough to know that not everyone loves me as much as I do – so if you just fill your homescreen with icons you don’t have to see the TBR logo.

Now I really like the light version, but for those who like things dark I made this one also (click the photo to download the background image):

photo 2.PNG


Originally posted for members on: November 23, 2010
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