Random Tweets That Amuse

Ben Kuchera:

God I love comments. It’s like your drunken uncle yelling at the TV, but in front of everyone.

Ryan Block:

One must be aware that loving Photoshop – and most other Adobe products – is actually more akin to software Stockholm syndrome.

Mike Monteiro (link NSFW):

It must be weird for TSA agents to go to strip clubs and not be able to touch.

Anil Dash:

There’s no rule saying we can’t thoroughly soak our crotches in lukewarm water right before going through security at the airport, right?

Neven Mrgan:

Wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Apple had a CDMA iPhone all along and they spent 4 years convincing Verizon not to put their logo on it.

Originally posted for members on: November 29, 2010
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