“The Wikileaks scandal is more than just a diplomatic scuffle; it’s a war for the future of the Internet”

Tom Mendelsohn on just how monumental the hackers defending WikiLeaks movement is:

Make no mistake, if they win here, online life will change. Expect tighter government control, more regulations and sanitised information flow. It won’t end the web as a place of freedom – but it will raise the technological barriers to entry, necessitating secrecy software and technical savvy. People without the IT skills may never be able to stumble upon radical ideas or free speech.

Perhaps the most troubling thing to me personally is that this group trying to defend Assange is missing a very key point. That is whether the timing is odd, or whether Assange was truly arrested on to face charges of rape, or whether he is being detained for WikiLeaks actions seems to be lost on these hackers.

WikiLeaks is releasing these confidential documents to expose corruption and wrong doing, to enlighten the public about what is really the true nature of events. They are basically asking the U.S. Government to own what they are doing and face the consequences of their actions.

Sweden too is asking that of Assange. I find this all a bit hypocritical. You cannot be made about Assange being arrested and tried for rape, that is him facing actions he may or may not be guilty of.

As for the banks ceasing funding and Amazon cutting of WikiLeaks, sure it is fair to be angry with those sites, but are you angry with them because they took a moral stand against what WikiLeaks is doing, or are you angry because perhaps they caved to governmental pressure? Either way shutting them down isn’t the right move.

If you want to shut them down because they made a decision on their own about how they want to run their company then you are acting foolishly. That is any businesses right, you wouldn’t try to hack a business just because they refused to sell you something, would you?

If you are shutting these sites down because they caved to pressure from others, wouldn’t you best be served by shutting down those pressuring them instead?

I think so.

Originally posted for members on: December 9, 2010
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