Quick Takes on Five Apps No. Two

Last week was the first installment of the ‘Quick Takes on Five Apps’ posts that I plan on doing weekly — if you missed that be sure to go take a look at it. Here is the second installment.

Thermo (iPhone)

Sometimes all you need to know is the temperature outside based on where you are right now — that is exactly what Thermo is for. You can get it for free and upgrade in-app to a version with no ads (recommended). This app is not only gorgeous, but is pretty handy too — it is vying for a spot on my homescreen right now. Every time I run out of the house I like to know if I am going to need a jacket or not, Thermo is the perfect app for knowing that information. Love it. My favorite part is that the entire look of the app changes when the temperature drops below freezing — instead of being ‘normal’ red looking mercury, the app becomes icy and blue — what a great touch.

What Cocktail? (iPhone)

If you ever have to order a drink, then you probably could use this app. Also if you love seeing gorgeous design, then you really won’t want to miss this app. This is a simple app that tells you what to drink based on a simple input from you (your mood). I love that not only does it tell you a cocktail (or sometimes water/coffee), but that it also tells you a bit about the drink. The utility of this app is limited and I rarely use it — but it is truly a beautiful app.

MLB At Bat 2011 (iPhone and iPad)

If you are a baseball fan then you are sure to love this. Not cheap at $14.99 for each device — each season — MLB At Bat has been a staple on my homescreen since the app debuted. Live gameday information, live scores, live radio broadcasts for both the home and away team. You get videos of top plays, condensed game replays and if you subscribe to MLB.tv (waste of money) you can watch the game live. This is a great app, with a steep price. Personally I use it on my iPad to ‘watch’ Mariners games all season long.

WebKit Nightly Builds (Mac/Windows)

Chrome 10 was damned fast for me, but too limited. Going back to Safari left me with a yearning for more speed and the WebKit nightly’s have proven to be a touch faster. They are not as fast as Chrome 10 and can be very glitchy at times, but I rather like using them.

Sound Studio (Mac)

I didn’t know a thing about audio editing, but when I needed to do some no program came more highly recommended to me than Sound Studio. I have been using it for a month or so now and I really like it. Dead simple to use and looks great. Most importantly I can do what I need to do without getting hung up trying to find things in the app. The more I use it and get to know the app — the more I enjoy it.

Originally posted for members on: February 28, 2011
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