Why There Won’t Be an LTE iPhone This Year

This coverage map of ’4G’ LTE coverage from Verizon says it all. Ignore all the red, that’s just 3G coverage. Look at the yellow circles with the green outline — those are the current 4G coverage spots 1 .

All those green stars you see are slated for 2011 — slated.

3G coverage was better than this when Apple passed on it for the first iPhone and 3G coverage was rolling out faster than the current 4G coverage is. I just don’t see an LTE iPhone coming in 2011 — perhaps mid 2012.

Note About AT&T

There really is no coverage map that I can grab for AT&T because, well, it appears AT&T is just modding the 3G network to get ‘faster than’ 3G speeds. If you know of one please send it my way.

  1. Truly they are spots, not areas.
Originally posted for members on: March 30, 2011
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