Quick Takes on Five Apps (No. 4)

I’m back with the latest installment of the Quick Takes series where I look at five apps.

NHK World TV Live (iOS Universal)

I didn’t even know this app existed until the tragedy in Japan. It’s a fantastic little app that streams live news from NHK in Japan, that is both fast and high quality over 3G. I really dig this app.

AroundMe (iPhone)

This is not a new app to me and likely not to any iPhone user. What I want to say though is that this app is never more valuable then when you are in a city that you don’t know. Sometimes you just need to know what is around you.

Grouped{in} (iPhone)

This app is easily the most advertised at SXSWi and if you even look at the screenshots in the App Store you will be stricken with the thought: “Oh God”. Indeed, it’s ugly. Also it’s not very good at all — move along.

PlainText (iOS Universal)

When this app first came out I wasn’t a huge fan — I thought it was nice enough and quickly became happy with Writer. This trip though I downloaded PlainText again and have really started to like it. I don’t think it will replace Writer just yet, but the auto syncing has proven to be killer. I love the piece of mind that the couple of words I typed before darting into another session is stowed away safely in the cloud — without the archaic pressing of a sync button.

9 Innings 2011 Pro (iOS Universal)

It is a ridiculous little baseball game that has terrible graphics and questionable attributes to the players. 1 The game play is dead simple and not revolutionary. It’s really not that good, which is why I am embarrassed to say that I happen to be a bit addicted to it at the moment. I guess none of that matters when you have fun playing the silly little thing.

  1. For instance Washburn has never in his life thrown a 98 MPH fast ball — never.
Originally posted for members on: March 14, 2011
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