Quick Takes on Five Apps #9

This is the ninth installment of the Quick Takes series, where I look at five apps and tell you my thoughts on them.

Atari Greatest Hits (iOS Universal)

It’s junk. You can download it for free, but then you have to use in-app purchase to buy any of the good games. I bought Asteroids because I used to love that game 1 and it is utter crap to the point of being unplayable. Not to mention the game doesn’t even take up the full screen, or in any way look like it has been optimized for the high resolution iPhone screen. The objects are tiny and the controls are non-sensical.

Prompt (iOS universal)

The app icon is not blue and makes good sense, so right away this app has my attention. Overall I don’t have much use for a SSH app for iOS, but being that Panic made it, I had to try it. The app is well done and has an awesome feature: passcode lock. I don’t know why more developers don’t take the time to implement this option, but it is killer. I can store my SSH passwords in the app for quick logon, but make sure that most other people can’t access the app.

Overall I don’t use SSH much, but with the recent server troubles I have been having it has been nice to have this app so that I can ‘check-in’ on my server. It doesn’t seem like there would be much that would make an SSH app good or bad, but Panic has done a great job with this app by adding terminal specific controls at the top of the keyboard. If SSH is your thing, then I recommend you take a look at this.

Moleskin (iOS Universal)

So the people that make the wonderful Moleskin notebooks have been adding a lot of crap to their offerings lately (things like bags and laptop cases) — this is another in that long line. I was excited to see the app as it allows you to add images to the notes, type text, and doodle. That sounds pretty neat for a free app, alas it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to draw on the page.

In looking at this offering and all the stuff you have to enter before you get a note page open — well you are better off with many of the other free notebook apps, actually you would be better off paying for an app. One better implementation in this same style that I can think of is the Muji notebook app.

Blogsy (iPad)

I was excited to try this app after I saw some decent comments about it. It is a blogging app for the iPad, one of the rarer apps in the iPad store. Unfortunately it really isn’t that good. It is poorly designed, has a terrible icon and doesn’t give power users any of the features they would want.

If the most important thing to you in a blogging app is being able to layout and style your post, then maybe you will like this app. Especially if you want to create media rich apps from the iPad. However, if you want to set the post slug, or even just add a custom field — then you are SOL. It feels like an app built by someone who doesn’t blog, but that wanted to build an app to suit what they think a blogger does.

It’s Friday (Who Cares)

A terrible, utter crap, misogynistic app. Made for a terrible, horrible song — that has an even worse music video. I feel so incredible bad for the app reviewer of this app. Please don’t download this — even as far as sound boards go it does a poor job. The audio sounds terrible and it is not faded in or out — just all around not good. I am so happy I can delete this now.

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  1. My Uncle had the arcade game at his house and I remember spending hours playing with with my cousins. It’s a great game that this app ruins.
Originally posted for members on: April 17, 2011
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