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Today Shawn Blanc posted an article that dives into the software he uses on a day to day basis, near the end he laments:

I find a lot of link-worthy content away from my laptop. Either when I’m reading on my iPad or surfing the Web on my iPhone. What I need is an app that takes the current Mobile Safari URL, title, and any highlighted text and then populates a post editing window with those items. From there, if I could adjust the title and the slug and hit publish, I’d be happy.

Amen to that, it has long been my biggest frustration. Shawn also talks about hacks to the Press This bookmarklet to get that to work and that was also the same solution that I came up with. I mixed in CF Setter and Slugger+ plugins from Justin Blanton to create a Press This that generates this:

Safari on Mac:

Mobile Safari:

As you can see I am pre-populating the linked-to field, the Title and the blockquote text. I am also adding in the slug fields so that I can fill that in. Now in Safari on the Mac this plugin works really well, on mobile Safari I am not quite there. For whatever reason, mobile Safari is still adding the paragraph tags to the blockquote, so those need to be deleted. 1

This though is far, far better than any other solution out there that I have found.


All you need to do is grab the code from GitHub and replace the file in your WP-Admin folder: the press-this.php file (make sure the rename the original so that you have a backup).

That’s it.

Check it out on GitHub.

  1. Please contact me if you know how to do this.
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