Over the past couple of weeks you have probably read about the em dash — I’m not giving it up — and about logical punctuation. Those two posts address a lot of the grammar complaints I get on the blog — and rightfully so. The one complaint left (besides spelling) that I get a lot, is also one of the first complaints I received: footnotes.

I know how footnotes are supposed to work, but I choose to ignore all rules on them. I use footnotes as I see fit.

Sometimes that means that I write asides in footnotes, sometimes I make disclaimers, sometimes I just write odd weird things. None of that really matters, what does matter is this: I try to write all footnotes so that the reader loses nothing if they don’t read my footnotes.

So if my footnoting annoys you, you should be fine if you just skip past them.

Originally posted for members on: June 7, 2011
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