Review: Moom

The one feature that Mac users seem to be clamoring for that their Windows brethren have is that ability to ‘snap’ windows to half the screen. There are a ton of apps for the Mac that seek to provide this functionality, tools like Divvy and SizeUp. Recently I stumbled across another app of this breed called: Moom.

Aside from the name, I quite like Moom.

Size Up is not a tool I enjoy using, because while I am a keyboard junkie, even I can’t remember all the shortcuts for that app. I do however like that it can “remember” the last size of the window. Divvy is very nice but again it never was something that I really liked using and quickly passed on.

In truth, I rarely need a tool for managing the size and positions of windows on my Mac. It is something that I rarely change and can easily do “manually” or if I want it to be a constant I will make a Macro for it in Keyboard Maestro.

Moom however, does something really incredible: it makes use of that stupid, pointless, irritating, inconsistent, green plus button found at the top of most windows on the Mac. You see, with Moom hovering over that green button presents you with options for how you want to manipulate the window. Imagine that.

It’s actually kind of amazing that Apple doesn’t just build this in, because it is pretty slick.


With Moom the hover allows you to manipulate the window in the following ways:

  • Full Screen (for you switchers)
  • Move & Zoom to left half of screen.
  • Same thing on right.
  • Move & Zoom to top half of screen.
  • Same but for bottom of screen.

Once you have manipulated the window with Moom you can hover again and revert back to the original dimensions of the window — without this feature these utilities aren’t worth using.

These features alone are pretty sweet and well worth the $5 price tag. But Moom also allows you to set up some custom controls that appear in the menu, my favorites of which are: send window to another screen and proportionally resize it, and centering the window on screen.

It’s hard not to like Moom, it is $5 when the two competitors listed above are $14 and $13 respectively. Oh, and you can set some keyboard shortcuts if you are good at remembering thousands of those.

Now, you can try Moom for up to 100 times for free, or buy it and it comes with a generous 60-day money-back guarantee (which is kind of amazing for such an inexpensive app). This tool is not for everyone and honestly I rarely use it, but I love it for the very fact that it makes the green plus button useful.

Pro Tip: Set the app to run faceless in the preferences.

Originally posted for members on: June 27, 2011
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