Some Apps I’m Playing With

I haven’t talked about iOS apps in a bit, but I have been doing my duty and playing with a bunch of them. I wanted to talk (briefly) about a few of those apps.


Just launched “private group sharing” client. It is mobile only, which is interesting. Personally I don’t much care for it, you must invite users using email — which sucks because you don’t know if those users are already using the service yet or not. This also means you risk annoying users and flooding their inbox — not good and will keep me from inviting people.

I am beginning to think that I am just not the target market for these private group messaging apps, because I have yet to find one to be useful. There are a great many UI niggles that are bugging me — though in fairness I am running a beta OS so I don’t know what is a result of the beta OS and what is an actual bug (which is also why my iOS app reviews have waned of late).


There’s a new version out and the icon is vastly improved, meaning that I can finally give it serious consideration. Unfortunately there are a bunch of bugs that are, again, likely iOS 5 only bugs.

That said I still much prefer Notesy on both the iPad and iPhone.

Though both apps need a lot of work on their iPad counterparts so those versions don’t look like scaled up versions of the iPhone app.


This is a new calendar app for iOS that is from the guys that brought us Calvetica. Guess what? It is a lot like the former versions of Calvetica — a stripped down and lightweight calendar app.

Having said that this app isn’t bad by any means — its just not as good as Calvetica and about on par with Agenda in my book. Which is to say that it is a good app, bested by its older sibling.


Diacarta is a very interesting calendar app — one that looks like nothing else. My biggest problem with Diacarta has always been that there wasn’t support for multiple calendars — with this new version, there now is.

I gave it a spin for a day, but I have to say that I just don’t find it to be that useful from a utility standpoint. I like the look and “feel” of the app, but that isn’t enough to get me to use the app full time. I like the idea of seeing your schedule more visually, but I am too set in the ways of “regular” calendar apps to get used to this app.

That’s it for now.

Originally posted for members on: August 28, 2011
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