Meet Mike Elgan: An Idiot

Mike Elgan thinks:

The truth, it turns out, is that the iPhone 4s kind of sucks.

He boldly claims:

The iPhone 4s is the first stumble by Apple since the company launched the original iPhone in 2007.

The rest of his article is filled with nonsense pilled atop of incorrect information. For example, Elgan states:

That last bit, the “reduced motion blur” is flat-out wrong. Apple claims that because they say the camera has image stabilization. But this feature is undetectable in real life.

It doesn’t take a genius (or maybe it does) to read Apple’s tech specs page for the iPhone 4S and see that it says:

Video stabilization

Note, that is not “image stabilization”, just video. Now, Elgan does note that:

I can’t detect any image stabilization in videos, either.

Which is a far different statement from saying there is none. Either way he is an idiot.

His biggest frustration with the phone is also his biggest love of the phone: Siri. Elgan states that 80% of the things he does on his phone is now with Siri, but it is still a pretty crappy phone. He also notes, in regard to Siri, that:

The problem is that it’s exactly what Apple says it is: an unfinished beta.


Elgan is flat out wrong, and idiotic about the iPhone 4S. You can make an argument that an iPhone 4 user should wait another year, that makes sense. But you can’t make that argument based on:

  • Siri being in beta, just as Apple says it is.
  • The camera being worse than the 4 — because it isn’t.
  • The camera not having image stabilization, like Apple never said it had.
  • iCloud, because that is an iOS 5 thing — something that iPhone 4 users get too.
  • The design of the new apps, because of the same reason as the last point.
  • The yellow screen, because this is always a complaint with new iPhones while the glue, or whatever, dries.

In fact, Elgan’s only valid point is that the battery life isn’t as good — something I have experienced too. Mike Elgan: idiot.

Originally posted for members on: October 26, 2011
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