Responding to the Dynamic Duo

Either Taylor Sternberg, or Peter James Zielinski writing 1 (I prefer to think one writes one word and passes it to the other for the next — that’d be fun) responds to my post saying that Mossberg has lost it:

I think what Ben Brooks is trying to say here is that using Windows 7 on an iPad is dumb.

No. Actually I was trying to say exactly what I said:

Also: it sounds horrible.

Never mind what I actually said though, back to the dynamic duo:

But Ben, did you read the entire article?

I did. In fact I take it upon my self to read every article I link to, in full, unless I state that I gave up on it.

Again the duo states:

Walt agrees with you, bro.

No, actually he doesn’t. Mossberg mentions, as they quoted, that there are:

[…]some caveats, limitations and rough edges.

I stated that “it sounds horrible” and that “Mossberg might be losing it”. I don’t think Mossberg agrees with either of those two things I said, but I will wait and see if he responds to confirm that.

The reason I doubt Mossberg agrees is because stating that there are some problems, as Mossberg did, is far different that calling something horrible — which is what I called it.

The duo, agian:

But I think the thing that makes me frustrated about Ben’s post (out of context) is that the power isn’t just that it’s a VNC clone (simplifying it to an extreme), but that OnLive’s first mission is to rethink internet streaming video.

Ok, explain…

Their first product is OnLive for gaming. They want to expand their streaming product to a VNC-like system.

So it’s like VNC, just as I said — and just as you said — but it also allows for streaming games? That’s sounds really horrible.

Even if the product itself (OnLive Desktop) is flawed from a usability standpoint, having a company focus on faster 1:1 streaming and computing is good for the internet industry. It creates competition in a space where streaming technology is very important today.

That may all be true, but it doesn’t change the fact that the product Mossberg described sounds horrible. The same product that you say should be given a pass even if it “is flawed from a usability standpoint”.

It doesn’t matter if the streaming is precisely 1:1 — clicking toolbars in Office on the iPad with your finger is truly a terrible thing, something I know from first hand experience. OnLive may be trying something new — and that’s noble and all — but in the end it’s still a terrible sounding product.

Lastly the duo suggests:

Read the entire article.

I did. And I responded to what is contained in the article without further trying to figure out things not mentioned. Your post back to me makes many assumptions about what I think — all of which are, simply, wrong.

  1. The post gives no indication which one is writing.
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