An iPad Bar

A large part of my job these days is going into vacant spaces and, well, waiting. Waiting for someone to do something or to show up somewhere. Lots of a waiting. Typically I soak up that time rather uncomfortably perched somewhere with my iPad.

Yesterday was different though, yesterday I went to a vacant coffee shop. The tables and chairs were gone, but left in the space was this bar that was standing height. I set my bag down and my iPad, then I noticed this:

The iPad fit perfectly on the bar. Held in by a large lip, but one that comfortably sat my wrists while I typed. Oh it was nice, then I turned it to portrait. Here’s what happened:

That’s pretty sweet. So in landscape the iPad fit perfectly as a writing spot and in portrait it was held perfectly (for my height) as a reading device. So very sweet.

The perfect iPad bar.

In all the years I managed that space I never knew this existed and they never marketed it. If I was a coffee shop owner I would make something like this and then show people it — I would frequent such a place.

Originally posted for members on: March 14, 2012
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