Where I Get an Arc90 Employee to Call me Dumb and Fox News in One Tweet

I am now, officially, opted-out of Readlists 1 and after rejoicing on Twitter, Arc90 employee and Readability lead developer, Philip Forget, responded with a series of tweets. Since so many tweets were wrapped up in the conversation let me show you the series between just me and Forget:

Here’s my first tweet:

Finally Opted-out.

To which my pal Jonathan Christopher responded:

@BenjaminBrooks have you paved the highway to getting that done? I’d like to follow suit.

I then quipped:

@jchristopher just email them at their feedback link. If you aren’t me it should only take minutes. If you are me, expect a week.

Now that was not nice of me, but it is kinda funny if you ask me — and if you follow me on Twitter I am a pretty sarcastic guy. But here’s where Philip Forget chimed in:

@BenjaminBrooks @jchristopher We have only been out 2 days

Good way to defuse me by clearly showing I was wrong. That was a great response, and then I responded (again by being a dick):

@philipforget @jchristopher I stand corrected. Me: 48 hours. Rest of the world: 5 minutes.

Ok I was a bit mean with that one, but hey I feel burned by these guys. Forget then responds:

@BenjaminBrooks @jchristopher You as well as the “Rest of the world”: 1 minute after asking once the functionality was added by me

Now this is the meat on the bone. Forget seems to be admitting that Readlists did not account for the fact that people would not want to be included in this service. Fine, but then why not just tell an annoying ass, like me, that you are working on implementing it and to sit tight. Believe it or not that would have shut me up while I waited for them to add it, so I asked this question:

@philipforget @jchristopher so why not respond to my earlier emails with “we are working on it” instead of silence. Honestly…

I added the “honestly” to try and show that it was a sincere ask and not me being a dick (that doesn’t always work, but I try). That’s pretty reasonable of me to ask, but here is Forget’s response:

@BenjaminBrooks We tried talking you on your radio show. Are you really this dumb or are you trying to be a human fox news?

Now that is a dickheaded response. The “radio show” he is talking about is the live broadcast of the B&B Podcast that Shawn and I do. He tweeted to me offering to have Rich Ziade call in when we were already 55+ minutes into the show. Now, most of you know podcasts don’t go much longer than that — especially not ours. We said on the air that we would love to do that, but that we wanted to talk offline and prepare to have that done on another show — not the one we were just wrapping up.

Anyways, without further comment here is the rest of the Twitter conversation after an Arc90 employee called me “dumb”:


@philipforget and I told you we would be happy, but aren’t interrupting an in progress show. Still why not answer my earlier emails?


@BenjaminBrooks Your show was talking about realists and you gave a copout excuse about not knowing how to add us in


@philipforget Either way we run a professional show that we wanted to wait until we could have a a discussion that we both knew boundaries.

One last thing: my question was never answered.

  1. You should do the same by emailing them.
Originally posted for members on: May 25, 2012
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