Announcing Two Members Only Features

I have crafted two small perks for members — these will always be members only.

The first is something I am calling “Daily Linkage”. Unlike my normal linked list posts, this is just a list of links presented without any commentary. These are items that I read and think are important enough to share, but that I have nothing additional to add to with commentary that makes them worth a full linked list post. Pretty simple, members can check it out here.

The second is called “The Weekly Review” and it’s a blatant rip-off of the Evening Edition, except it is posted every Friday and centers on technology news and the TSA — you thought I would forget about the TSA? Ha. I round up the week in tech and add a few comments and lots of links (hopefully). Members can check this out here.

Both of these items are a way to share more time sensitive items with members, but I make no guarantee that they will stick around — for now both are just a running experiment. If the feedback is good, and I don’t get annoyed by doing this, then hopefully they will stick around.

But by no means should either be the basis for your membership.

Originally posted for members on: July 20, 2012
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