The New Digg

Digg relaunched their site/service recently and while (as I talked about on the podcast) I don’t particularly care for the new site, there is one part of the site that I do like. But first a recap of what I don’t like:

  1. Facebook login only — lame.
  2. The design doesn’t do much in the way of telling me what is the most important, other than the one large item.
  3. I don’t understand what value the little “reaction comments” are supposed to add.
  4. The Most Popular section has graphs of popularity over time that do nothing to tell me if the story is something I should read or not. Why are people so obsessed with time and isn’t a mark of a lame post that it is no longer popular a day later — let alone an hour later?
  5. The Upcoming section is just boring.

I mostly hate the new site for #1, but all the other items bug me. Digg, for me, had/has a lot to prove to show me that it still can be useful.

So while Digg’s website may not be great — I am liking their mobile app. The Digg iOS app isn’t amazing or even revolutionary, but I find it very useful in how light, fast, and relevant it is.

Digg tweeted that people should check out their app to stay in touch while out and about over the weekend. And all weekend long I was behind on Twitter and RSS, but it only took 20 seconds to stay up on Digg’s app — and every time I found something neat I wanted to read.

That’s the Digg I remember liking back in the day. It was a welcomed surprise.

Now because I can’t sign up (damned Facebook logins) I had to share each story via email to my Instapaper email address in order to add it for reading later — even so I am liking using the Digg app to find neat stories when I only have half a minute or so to look.

Originally posted for members on: August 6, 2012
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