Paywall Update

Just a quick update to let you know about a couple new things with the paywall.

  1. I’ve added the ability to subscribe yearly instead of monthly — doing so will net you 2 free months as the yearly subscription is $40/year versus the $4/month monthly subscription. I view your payment for a full year with the time value of money approach and thus it makes sense for me to discount your pre-payments for a year’s subscription. Additionally current users can change their plan by going to while logged in and entering their credit card data and choosing the new plan — be sure to cancel your monthly plan first. Get in touch with me if you run into any issues and I can correct those for you right away.
  2. Receipts and payment failure emails. The paywall was launched without members getting a receipt of any kind — this also meant they received no notification if a payment failed. Both of these have now been corrected and you should receive notices as necessary. Sorry that this is increased email, but it’s better than no notice if you ask me. (We’ll see if Google marks these as SPAM too.)

That is all the housekeeping for today. Thanks to all of you that are members, and if you aren’t but want to know what it is all about — take a look.

Originally posted for members on: September 18, 2012
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