Soulver is Amazing

I’ve mentioned Soulver more than a few times on this site and I am going to go ahead and mention it again, because it is an amazing tool.

For the past month I have been working on representing someone purchasing a very large property (both physically and financially). In that process there are a lot of calculations that you run, revise, and rerun. Typically these are done in Excel, typically by accountant types, and I am certainly not prone to using Excel or being an accountant.

Either way at some point you run calculations at lunch meetings, site meetings, or during various other times when you are not in front of Excel, so what happens to those numbers? For most people those calculations are simply lost, or stuck in a piece of paper your file away never to see again.

Not for me, because I use Soulver on all of my devices and I use it religiously for even the smallest things.

So here’s a scenario that recently happened to me:

  • I ran a bunch of impromptu calculations on Soulver on my iPad. I thought it was a simple set, but then it got more involved and immediately became apparent to me that these are calculations I would like to reference in the future. I saved the calculations to iCloud Dropbox in Soulver and went about the rest of my day.
  • A week plus later, I needed to revise three numbers in that calculation and because Soulver was running calculations based upon solutions from calculations in the file — I really only needed to change three numbers. So I changed them, received the new solution, and went about my morning. Oh and I did at on my iPhone, without a hiccup.
  • Then my client called and wanted to see my “math” (common in this industry, as people like to see if they would have used other numbers where I input best guesses). I called up the data set on my Mac, added in annotations for everything to explain what each number was, exported the PDF and sent it on its way.

I do that all the time, it saves me tons of time of wrestling Excel (hell even opening Excel is a chore), and I never lose some “numbers we ran” for different deals.

That’s just one reason to use Soulver, honestly it’s half calculator half spreadsheet and is often better at both than either tool is at just one.

Originally posted for members on: September 25, 2012
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