BusyCal 2

When BusyCal first came out I jumped right to it and used it for a couple of months. Slowly I moved back to, what was then, iCal on my Mac. Then Apple added the little torn jaggies of paper and after I stopped banging my head into my desk I basically made the move to Fantastical full time.

Since that time not much has changed. I still pop into “Calendar” from time to time, but mostly use Fantastical to enter new events. Today BusyCal 2 came out, and while I have only been using it for 20 minutes, I can already tell I am going to switch to it as my full-time tool.

Why? Lot’s of reasons, let’s go through some.


I don’t know if Calendar does this, but it’s a nice feature:

Automatically notify attendees of meeting changes.

Here’s what really sold me though:

Change display settings, including the font.

Not only can you change the font, but you can also get rid of the bubble things used to show “all-day” event banners. Instead just showing a nice colored tile at the top. Thank you for this.

This is almost perfect:

Show less days in the week view.

Who really wants to see seven days at a time? Not me.

This is just neat:

Start and end your day with the sun.

I’ve never been one to care where the calendar thinks the day starts and stops, so I like this little addition.

Of course, the best feature, is that the product is integrated with the menubar icon — allowing quick add and a nice overview.

What I Don’t Like

I wish I could change the weather icons. I wish the menubar quick app worked like Fantastical. I wish the menubar icon was better looking. That’s about it.

What’s Silly

This, this is silly:

Just silly.


For $29, this is a solid app that I bet stays my default for quite a while.

Originally posted for members on: October 22, 2012
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