I missed this feature with my initial look at Netbot:

To crosspost to Twitter from Netbot for iPhone, just tap on the Navbar in the Post window. On Netbot for iPad, tap on your Avatar.

I get why a lot of people will be happy about this, but to me this is the fundamental flaw facing Most people simply do not have the bandwidth to keep up with Twitter and (I don’t), so why would you use both services? Crossposting is something I hate and I really think is bad for the overall health of both Twitter and

To me, cross posting is like that person that calls you, leaves a voicemail, and then texts you the same thing they just left your a voicemail about. That is to say: annoying.

Update: Also, this is the best thing ever (courtesy of Panzer). And here’s another from Dan Frakes. I love that because of the passive-aggressive nature of the dig to Twitter — well played Tapbots.

Originally posted for members on: October 3, 2012
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