What you do on your Tumblr blog is probably closer to copyright infringement than it is to “curation”. Don’t get me wrong, Rich Kids of Instagram is funny as hell, but that’s the minority not the majority.

What I’m more curious about is who is being fooled by the term “curation”, that is: are you lying to me in order to fool me, or to fool yourself?

Reposting photos and quotes from other people is simply not curation, it’s closer to scrapbooking — which is fine, but it’s not curation.

I only used Tumblr in the above example because it is the easiest example, but just about every social network or blogging platform has this problem.

What I can’t figure out is whether the use of the word “curation” now falls under acceptable infringement by copyright holders, or are we hiding behind the term “curation” in an effort to hide the infringement?

Originally posted for members on: October 22, 2012
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