The TBR Daily Summary Email

Since I launched the members only paywall I have been plagued with RSS feed issues for members. There are a handful of people that simply cannot seem to get a reliable RSS feed, no matter what I do. And this really bugs me. So I wanted an alternative way to have new posts delivered.

Given my recent obsession with email newsletters, the downfall of Twitter, the lack of good ADN WordPress plugins, and my general need to spend the money I make on the site to actually make the site better, I had JR code a daily summary email.

If you have an account with the site, regardless of whether you are still a paying member, you can go into your profile and check a box to get the daily email. It comes at 5pm pacific time, with links, titles, and excerpts of what was posted. It’s not formatted with HTML, it’s bare bones and quick.

I hope you like it.

(It is, of course, opt-in not opt-out. So be sure to go to your profile to activate it.)

Originally posted for members on: October 19, 2012
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