‘Netbot: Tweetbot Reborn for App.net’

I was rather outspoken about Tweetbot when it came out, I’m sweeping that under the rug as history, call me names if you want.

Federico Viticci has written up a nice review of Netbot — which is essentially a working version of Tweetbot for App.net. I wasn’t on the beta (for obvious reasons), but I did download it to check it out.

It’s exactly what it is billed to be, but it’s not for me. That’s not to say Netbot is bad, but here’s what Stephen Hackett said:

Netbot is nice, but this is weird. Think I might prefer different app experiences for different services.

Robb Lewis has a similar feeling:

Huh. I keep forgetting which app I’m in.

That’s a problem — I think — because the two services are hardly the same. Say what you will about the value of either, but it is hard to deny that they are identical — yet Netbot and Tweetbot are pretty much identical.

I don’t much care what app you use, but I will say that I find Netbot to be more of a “hedging our bets” move — not that this is a bad move — than a true let’s see what we can do differently for a new service. I had actually hoped that Tapbots would come out with a client that was radically different from Tweetbot, so part of this may be my disappointment there.

Anyway, I did my natural thing and goaded out some responses between my favorite client, Felix, and the blogger’s wet dream, Netbot. You can read all the responses to it here, to get an idea of the sentiment surrounding the two (spoiler: I am in the minority). 1

Here’s my theory: those that embrace Netbot are those that want App.net to replace/duplicate/be Twitter (perhaps the same people that do these things). That’s not a bad thing, it’s just a thing.

  1. Keep in mind, I naturally bring out the anger in people, don’t hold them to nasty remarks.
Originally posted for members on: October 3, 2012
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