Whiny Things On App.net That Drive Me Nuts

  1. You reposted something from Twitter, but didn’t bother removing the @ mention to the user that doesn’t have an account, or worse, doesn’t have the same account name, on App.net.
  2. You reposted something from Twitter and used a t.co link in doing so. Those suck even on Twitter, why would you bring that crap to App.net?
  3. You never post on App.net, but when you do you simply ask: “Is this thing still on?” You are so clever.
  4. You openly complain on App.net about not knowing what to post where.
  5. You’ve set up a tool to repost things you posted on Twitter, but then don’t bother to check the replies people make to your comments on App.net.
Originally posted for members on: October 1, 2012
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