An Alternative Take on the Hard Graft Flat Pack

Sam Barillaro purchased the Hard Graft flat pack for the retina MacBook Pro 15″ and he wasn’t impressed. I really like mine. Barillaro has some very good comments on the flaws of this bag, but one I want to point out doesn’t strike me as accurate. Barillaro says:

The shoulder strap is attached to the bag at a ninety degree angle. There is no hinge, so the strap can’t move around depending on where your holding your bag.

That’s actually not true. On all the smaller Flat Packs this is true, the strap is stitched in the 90° position, however on the retina MacBook Pro 15″ Flat Pack Hard Graft added a hinge. Here’s a picture of that hinge from my review:

The strap hinge.

Now it doesn’t seem like a hinge at first, you have to wiggle it to get it moving initially, but it is a hinge. Hard Graft had this to say about it when they announced the bag:

It has two simple inside pockets and a nifty new detail – the straps have a secure screw hinge which makes it possible to adjust them to fit to the carry position that feels best for you.

That came from the email announcement that was sent out from Hard Graft. So while all of Barillaro’s points are very good, the hinge one is not accurate (unless I misunderstood what he was saying somehow).

One last thing I would note is that Barillaro doesn’t like that a charger doesn’t fit well in the bag — I agree — however I have also found that I rarely need a charger for my computer. Your mileage will vary on that aspect, but I think, with most modern Macs, that carrying a charger is more a safety net than a necessity.

Originally posted for members on: November 21, 2012
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