Stuff in iOS 6 That Drives Me Nuts

I’ve been using iOS 6 for a long time, and for a lot of that it was in “beta” so bugs and sluggishness are expected. But we are now well out of beta, and have received the first update. With that I feel comfortable talking about a few things that still really drive me nuts in iOS 6.

Allow me to vent:

The App Store

The revamped App Store looks fantastic and has a lot of great touches. Not having to enter in your credentials for updates, and not leaving the store when you buy an app, are tops among those great new features.

What’s not so great is that the iOS App Store works as if it is being run off of a Blueberry iMac somewhere, wait that’s too generous. The entire interface is slow and sluggish — even on my 50mbps down internet connection — it feels like I am working on an 2G cell network.

I have even had times when — for no reason — I can no longer scroll around certain parts of the “Featured” section and have to force quit the App Store to get it working again. It’s bad, really bad.

At times I will even go to update an app and the updates screen just sits there blank… Good times.

There have been a few rare times where the App Store is running fast and smooth and it feels like a gem at those times, so what in the world is going on?

Siri & Bluetooth

My car has a handsfree bluetooth system built in. So when my iPhone is in my car, it auto pairs with the car’s bluetooth. This is great for everything except Siri.

For whatever reason Siri doesn’t keep the connection open, so while I can start a Siri request via bluetooth, the connection soon cuts off and Siri gets pissy. The solution, is pretty easy, just tap the little bluetooth icon when you invoke Siri and switch to the iPhone for Siri input.

Well the solution would be easy if that toggle actually worked. Instead you will find yourself tapping the icon few times with no response, then the phone catching up and turning bluetooth on and off, and then finally getting the dialog where you can actually get bluetooth off.

That is, if you haven’t crashed into a tree yet.

Incoming Calls

It’s great that my iPhone beeps when I get an incoming call, but why does it beep once more after I press ignore? Here’s what happens: I am on a call and another call comes in, I press ignore, I get back to the conversation and then the phone beeps as if another call is coming in, but there isn’t one.

This is massively annoying to me, and distracting as hell. Maybe the iPhone isn’t made to be a phone — at least that’s what it is feeling more and more like to me.

These are nitpicks, yes, but they are very real and very annoying issues.

I don’t want to burden a Forstall-less-ish Apple with any more troubles, but it’d be swell to get these issues taken care of.

Since, you know, we are on version 6 of the OS.

Originally posted for members on: November 7, 2012
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