‘Twitter’s Descent Into the Extractive’

David Heinemeier Hansson has penned an extraordinarily beautiful bit of prose about the path of Twitter. I love his concluding thought:

Winter might be longer this time around, but inevitably Spring will return

That’s a fascinating sentiment, especially on the heels of the news that Peter Chernin is now on the board of Twitter. Twitter is a company that has “sold out”, but the interesting thing is they didn’t recently sell out — no — Twitter sold out a very long time ago and it is only now that we are beginning to pull our heads out of the sand and realize that.

I used to say that it would be easy for Twitter to start making money, but that was back when Twitter was used as a communications tool. Now Twitter is nothing more than a shouting match, with Twitter corporate doubling the volume of the highest bidder.

Originally posted for members on: November 17, 2012
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