Systematic Destruction of Twitter

Dalton Caldwell in his excellent post about the pivot that Twitter is doing, sees this as the “new” Twitter:

Important content is mostly created by media companies, whether they are blogs, television, radio or movies.

A little further down he says:

The Discover tab is the future. Rather than forcing normal users to make sense of a realtime stream, they can see what content is trending.

I think Caldwell is right, and if you get any value out of Twitter that should piss you off. Why?

Here’s what Caldwell is thinking: all original content is by big companies that have partnered with Twitter to use Twitter as an announcement platform, all users just talk about what these things mean, and trends are what you look at — now that of course means that everything in trends is not really a trend, just chatter about what will effectively be ads. Yay, Twitter!

This is essentially the systematic destruction of a once valuable and far reaching tool. Twitter is pivoting from a communication tool that regimes sought to shut down in times of revolt, to a tool that in those same times of revolt regimes will embrace and pay to use Twitter to spread propaganda.

Again: yay Twitter!

Here’s Harry Marks on the matter:

According to Twitter’s website, the Discover tab is “What’s happening now, tailored to you.” Well, last I checked, I wasn’t really interested in Justin Bieber’s date at the AMAs, nor Notre Dame football. These seem more like advertisers throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks.

The entire thing reeks of this.

Originally posted for members on: November 19, 2012
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