The Yoga 13

Jeff Atwood loved his Surface so much he went out an purchased a Lenovo Yoga 13 laptop that also has a touch screen:

It’s a nice laptop. You could do far worse, and many have. In the end, the Yoga 13 is just a nice laptop with a touchscreen slapped on it.

I was particularly interested in this post because I almost hit the buy button on this exact laptop about twenty times since I last posted a link to Atwood. That’s not a joke.

I very much was willing to go all-in and try Windows for a month, just because I think there is something interesting going on there. If you think there is something interesting happening, then you need to read Atwood’s thoughts on this laptop.

After reading this post I am glad I didn’t buy this laptop, because honestly I am going to hold out for a Surface pro and give that a go. I don’t want to use Windows, but I am open and willing to use any device that makes my life easier and a Surface Pro, quite honestly, may be a great tablet for me at our office. 1

  1. Assuming it can natively run our Windows based software that we use.
Originally posted for members on: November 19, 2012
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