‘The Answer Is Just a Click Away’

Dave Pell has a great post about the technology overload that many of us feel:

The idea that we need a technological solution for too much technology is, at best, the Internet era’s great placebo effect. We feel like we’re getting a little better, but that’s just part of the same addiction. We’ll always be just one more piece of technology away from the solution.

The solution, as we all know, is just to turn our devices off. It’s good advice that is hard to follow. This seems like the perfect thing to keep in mind as (here in the U.S.) we head into the holiday season where work slows, people aren’t in a hurry to have you respond to emails, or calls.

It’s easier to ignore your iPhone when Grandma chastises you every time you check your iPhone. 1

  1. Not my Grandma, mind you, she flipping loves her iPad and my terrible Vimeo videos of my daughter.
Originally posted for members on: December 21, 2012
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