Delay Standby

Erv Walter has a great tip for delaying the standby mode, which kicks in on new retina MacBook Pros and Airs after an hour, to a more reasonable user configurable time.

Walter chose 24 hours in his example, personally I went with four hours (14,400 seconds).

Standby mode is very annoying when you expect to be able to quickly use your Mac, only to find yourself waiting for the RAM to have the data written back to it.

Which brings me to another thought: why does anyone care about laptop standby times? I doubt there are many people who don’t use their Macs for 30 days and therefore rejoice that the battery will last that long. I get wanting standby time for a weekend, or even 10-14 days for people that go on a long vacation, but 30 days? Seems a bit excessive to me.

Originally posted for members on: December 30, 2012
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