A while back I posted about the nRF8002 from Nordic Semiconductor and had this to say/wish:

I’ve long speculated that a better way to use geofencing is to make use of bluetooth chip to tell your phone where you actually are. Turns out, someone else makes the hardware already.

The chip is a way to interact with your phone based on proximity — not needing to always look for and connect to bluetooth or use highly inaccurate GPS coordinates. My wish has always been for my phone to be able to “know” it is in the car and thus the volume needs to be turned all the way up (and on).

Today we get step one in the form of an already funded Indiegogo campaign for this very chip. A chip that you stick to things you want to later be able to find.. Is it gimmicky? Hell yeah. Is it useful? Not really useful because you can’t tell direction, only proximity.

But, BUT, it is the first step in using these chips for proximity based control. Who’s to say that some clever iOS dev won’t reverse engineer these little chips and make a sensor that knows when you are at your desk, or on the “throne”. 1

I backed the project for six of them — if nothing else it will be better than the Elevation Dock, or Hidden Radio. Hell, they already have working prototypes.

[via reader David E.]

Update: I no sooner post about this, then I see this message in my inbox about the project:

By placing Stick-N-Find stickers in your Car, Home, Office, etc., the StickNFind Task Launcher has the ability to change automatically a user’s phone settings, launch applications, change ringtone music etc.

That’s Android only, but man are we getting close to what I want.

  1. That’s your cue to start making that app for me.
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