‘Apple’s QA Guys Are Sleeping’

Craig Grannell commenting on the latest round of Apple’s software not working because of date issues:

Do Not Disturb failing to work is something that shouldn’t have happened, because someone should have remembered Apple’s previous failings with time-related features and rigorously tested it. That the feature did fail points to either a lack of engineers/testers at Apple, or a lack of giving a shit, and neither of those things is really acceptable.

It’s hard to argue with Grannell here. That Apple’s response was a knowledge base article that included no apology is also bullshit. There’s some things really concerning about this entire mess — and it is a mess — that I want to point out:

  1. That Apple’s only response is a support article.
  2. That Apple feels it is acceptable to users to “wait it out” instead of issuing a fix — assuming, of course, Apple can fix this in a day or two.
  3. That yet another date bug slipped through Apple’s testing.
  4. That the general Apple tech-press has largely decided to give Apple a pass, leaving only the “usual” naysayers to their business.

How is this problem so acceptable to Apple and to those that love Apple?

Apple has refused to comment. That even Jim Dalrymple, the purveyor of calling bullshit, offered no commentary. That John Gruber made a small joke out of it (granted at Apple’s expense, but still less of a slap on the wrist than Google got). Even the Android loving The Verge didn’t jump down Apple’s throats.

What the hell?

Originally posted for members on: January 4, 2013
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