The HiRise Stand for MacBooks

A while back I vowed to not buy anymore Twelve South items and sold off everything I owned from them. I recently caved when the HiRise stand was launched — it seemed like it would be better than any other laptop stand I have used in the past.

I’ve now been using that stand since November 5th, 2012. It’s an expensive stand at $69.99 and as with all Twelve South items it is very well made.

What I Like

I really like that this stand holds the laptop flat, with no rolled edges. There is no chance that this stand could mark up your notebook and that’s great. There’s also no stupid angle being used to try and maximize desktop space.

Additionally the ability to raise and lower the stand is fantastic. The stand is far more adaptable for different workstations and individuals than any other stand I have used.

As I mentioned above, the quality is top notch — the stand feels solid and well made.

What Annoys Me

Unfortunately there’s a lot about the stand that annoys me. 1

  • Often I find that my MacBook Pro sits slightly crooked, and needs to be adjusted by tapping on the high side — no really I mean tapping. This happens at least twice a day and is a result of the adjustable piston that raises and lowers the stand height.
  • The bottom of the stand is not grippy, so it moves all about my desk when I take my computer on and off the stand — requiring constant repositioning.
  • The stand still doesn’t go high enough for me.

Buying Advice

If you are shorter, and don’t mind your laptop leaning a few millimeters to one side or the other, this is likely the best laptop stand you can buy. However, if like me, you mind those things then stay far away from this stand. I don’t hate the stand, I just don’t want to use it.

For my money (and I’ve tried at least half a dozen different laptop stands) the mStand is the best you can buy.

  1. And I really wanted to like this stand.
Originally posted for members on: January 24, 2013
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