Karissa Bell reviewing the Yonanas ice-cream-ish machine:

Here’s how it works: Drop pieces of frozen but slightly thawed (more on this later) fruit into the chute, switch it on, and push the fruit through with the plunger. Repeat as many times as you want. The result is a creamy, delicious blend of fruit that tastes damn close to frozen yogurt or sorbet. I didn’t conduct a formal taste test, but I suspect if you gave Yonanas to kids, they wouldn’t know the difference. It’s that good.

My Mom actually gave us one of these for Christmas and we broke it out the other day to make some fruity-ice-cream-slush for our daughter (10 months old). It was just fruit, and she loved it, so it was a win-win.

Seriously, any parent of a teething child should consider buying one of these. My wife thinks it tastes good — I eat real ice cream 1 — but mostly our daughter loves this.

Bell’s review is spot on, however, clean up is a bitch if you don’t get on it before the fruit dries. I’ve found it’s best to spray it down with hot water immediately after use, and wash lightly with a bottle brush — the longer you wait the longer it takes to clean.

(If you want to support the site, buy one from this Amazon link.)

  1. But I do admit this looks and feels damned close to real ice cream. Which is impressive on its own.
Originally posted for members on: February 22, 2013
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